MARINe Survey Teams  
MARINe, through its partners, sponsors a number of survey teams to conduct the monitoring at established sites. The teams and team leaders are listed below in order from north to south.


Location of Sites

  Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary:
Liam Antrim
  • Long-term (core) ore sites within the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
    Funded by NOAA

  Olympic National Park:
Steven Fradkin, Ph.D
  • Long-term (core) sites within the Olympic National Park
    Funded by NPS

  Redwood National and State Park:
David Anderson
  • Long-term (core) sites within the Redwood National State Park
    Funded by NPS

  University of California Santa Cruz:
Pete Raimondi, Ph.D
  • Long-term (core) sites in Oregon
    Funded by BOEM

  • Long-term (core) sites in Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary
    Funded by MBMS

  • Long-term (core) MLPA monitoring sites in Central California
    Funded by California Ocean Science Trust

  • Long-term (core) sites in San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County
    Funded by BOEM
  • Biodiversity sites from Alaska to Mexico
    Currently unfunded

  Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Point Reyes National Seashore:
Darren Fong

  • Long-term (core) sites within Golden Gate and Point Reyes National Parks
    Funded by NPS

  Channel Islands National Park:
Stephen Whitaker
  • Long-term (core) sites within Channel Islands National Park
    Funded by NPS

  Bureau of Ocean Energy Management:
Lisa Gilbane
  • Long-term (core) sites within San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura & LA Counties and Oregon
    Funded by BOEM


University of California Los Angeles:
Richard Ambrose, Ph.D

  • Long-term (core) sites within Southern Santa Barbara, Ventura, & LA Counties
    Funded by BOEM and Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


California State University, Long Beach:
Bengt Allen, Ph.D

  • Long-term (core) sites on Palos Verdes Peninsula
    Funded by Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy
  California State University Fullerton:
Jennifer Burnaford, Ph.D
  • Long-term (core) sites within Orange County
    Funded by BOEM


California State University, Pomona:
Jayson Smith

  • Long-term (core) sites within Orange County
    Funded by BOEM
  Cabrillo National Monument:
  • Long-term (core) sites within San Diego County
    Funded by NPS
  California State University, San Diego:
Jeremy Long, Ph.D
  • Long-term (core) sites within Acadia National Park and Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
    Funded by NPS