MARINe Species


Species Monitored at MARINe sites

The following species are monitored at each site, provided that the species is sufficiently abundant to set up a core protocol.

  • Species Targeted by Core Surveys
Anemones   Anthopleura elegantissima/sola
Barnacles   Pollicipes polymerus
    Tetraclita rubescens
    Chthamalus dalli/fissus/Balanus glandula
Black abalone   Haliotis cracherodii
Owl limpets   Lottia gigantea
California mussels   Mytilus californianus
Seastars   Pisaster ochraceus
Feather-boa kelp   Egregia menziesii
Rockweed   Hesperophycus californicus
    Silvetia compressa
Turfweed   Endocladia muricata
Surfgrass   Phyllospadix scouleri/torreyi
  • Other targeted species - optional
    Monitored by a few groups, but not required.
Northern rockweed   Focus gardneri
Agarweed   Gelidium coulteri
Sea cabbage   Hedophyllum sacharina
Chiton   Katharina tunicata
Black pine   Neorhodomela larix
Dwarf rockweed   Pelvetiopsis limitata
Iridescent weed   Mazzaella spp. (iridaea spp.)
Turkish washcloth   Mastocarpus papillatus
Northern sea palm   Postelsia palmaformis
Thatched barnacle   Semibalanus cariosus
  • Core Species Scored in Survey Plots
    species are found in targeted plots and are monitored because they are important in understanding abundance trends of targeted species. Some of these species only occur at northern or only at southern sites; they are included so we can follow their range movement.
    For more information, consult the Protocol Handbook
  • Optional Species
    Some species have a limited range or may only be important for specific conditions at a few sites. While monitoring of these species is not required by MARINe, standardized protocols are provided so that, where they are monitored, the data can be compared.
  • Species Photo Identifications

For additional species identifications, go to Target Species Reference

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